Emergency Management Operations Committee
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Emergency Management Operations Committee (EMOC)
The function of the Emergency Management Operations Committee (EMOC) is to develop and update an emergency plan that provides for the notification of residents, the protection of common properties, the safety and security of the Island, and safe restoration of Island activities in the event of a damaging storm or some other major emergency.

READINESS can cover a vast array of issues, but for Emergency Management purposes hazard-specific readiness for Ono Island includes:
  • Reducing property loss from a hurricane;
  • Seeking safe shelter during a tornado;
  • Taking measures to reduce heat related illness;
  • Taking safe cover during an earthquake;
  • Shelter from thunderstorms and lightning;
  • Reducing fire / wildfire threats and damage in case of fire;
  • Plan for, recognize and minimize exposure to hazardous materials.
  • Terrorist threats essentially are included in these risks.
Island Emergency Management teams intend to establish command response centers from which efforts will be made to assist stranded owners and minimize damage from any disaster. The primary response center is ONO HOUSE with the back-up being the FIRE STATION. The intended sources of information for owners in time of emergency include:

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